The Law Offices of Ken McCartney P.C.

Ken McCartney


Ken was born in 1948 in Cheyenne.  His father was in the construction and later real-estate sales businesses.  He graduated four times from the University of Wyoming.  His latest degree, a Masters in Business Administration, suits his insolvency law practice well.  After eight years away at school, and a brief stint as an assistant JAG in the Air Force, he returned to Wyoming.  He has practiced law privately since 1973.  Since 1979 his practice has been almost exclusively in the area of insolvency. 

     In 1994, Ken and his wife Esther built a home 28 miles south of Cheyenne just north of Wellington, Colorado, which is central to his practice.

His hobbies include flying, metal working in his home shop, and a passion for training retrieving dogs.  Ken and Esther compete in AKC licensed Field Trials many weekends each year.  Ken is a past President of the National Amateur Retriever club and has owned four field champion Labrador Retrievers.  Most evenings in the summer, and nearly all weekends, he spends at least some time training retrievers.

    The McCartney kennels are named Prairie Peak Retrievers.  Ken and Esther are also CEO and CFO of the Cheyenne Retriever Club, Inc. Click here for information about the club