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PT Chapter 1
    Many of my friends and clients share the same apprehensions and misconceptions about bankruptcy that most Americans do.

        In counseling clients who have had, or who are about to have, experience with a bankruptcy filing, one of the most beneficial services an attorney can perform is to provide a thorough understanding of the overall process.  Unfortunately, a study of bankruptcy takes law students a full semester after studying secured transactions, and property law in general for equal lengths of time. This book is intended to answer common questions. It is designed to lift the haze.

Plain Talk is not all the information there is about bankruptcy. It is not designed to cover all the issues. While footnotes have been added to this edition to aid those interested in researching a bit farther, it is not a technical manual. Technical treatments of the subject are available from other sources. It is merely intended as an overview. Use this information wisely, and remember, a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. "Legalese" has been avoided wherever possible. This is not legal authority. It should not be used as such. The content of this book has been reviewed, and it is believed to be accurate. Every effort has been made to correctly present information generally available, including the law which is contained in the local procedure, court rules, and the bankruptcy code.

        The second and third editions replaced separate volumes of the first edition for Wyoming debtors and Wyoming creditors, with one volume applicable to all concerned. Experience with the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 grows each day. This is a fourth edition, and benefits from experience as well as court developed law since 1979.  This treatise incorporates an understanding gained since that law became effective, going through several statutory amendments, and is more complete than the first three treatments.  A word of warning is nonetheless necessary. Laws and procedures change.  While every effort to be current is made, changes in the law will occur after this posting. The author cannot be responsible for such changes.

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