The Law Offices of Ken McCartney P.C.




The Customs House 

721 19th Street

Denver, Colorado

Directions:  This is our least favorite destination. Morning traffic on the Interstate can be enough to make you praise Wyoming.  Finding the building is not that hard.  Take the 20th Street exit from I-25  past the south side of Coors Field and follow 20th east until it turns into one way the wrong direction.  A right turn there drops down to 19th street which is one-way the correct direction and only  a couple blocks from the Customs House.  The top floor has court rooms for each of the five judges numbered alphabetically.  Daily dockets are posted right outside the elevators.   Metal detecting occurs right inside the front door.  (Leave your pocket knife in the car.)  Oddly, mobile phones are allowed in.  Parking is terrible and expensive.  25 for 15 minutes in the nearly non existent meters on the street and several dollars in the parking garage across the street to the east.  There is food service in the basement.

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