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Credit Reports



For copies of your credit reports, contact the credit bureaus, directly.  Depending on your state of residence, there may be fees to access your credit reports. A Colorado statute requires credit agencies to offer a free report one time each year if adverse credit history is reported.

    Equifax, Inc.

    160 Peachtree Street NW

    Atlanta, GA 30309

    1 800-685-1111 



    National Consumer Assistance Center

    701 Experian Parkway

    P.O. Box 9530

    Allen, TX 75013

    1-888-EXPERIAN  (1-888-397-3742)


    Trans Union

    Consumer Disclosure Center

    P.O. Box 1000

    Chester, PA 19022





We provide a report while you wait with information from major reporting agencies for $30.00 per individual and or $50.00 for husband and wife.  Many clients find this an excellent way to search for old creditors that may not be on a current list of concerns.  



Frequently asked questions about credit reporting:


1.  How long does a bankruptcy filing stay on my credit report?

Ten years.  And if asked, the answer is "yes" forever.


2.  Do your fees for filing a bankruptcy cover the legal work necessary to clean up an errant credit report?

No.  Never.  It is not practical to pay this firm's  hourly rates to communicate with credit reporting agencies.  The fee disclosure we file in every bankruptcy case clearly describes "credit reporting clean up" as excluded from what is covered by our fixed fees.  Most clients can do this on their own.  The Federal Trade Commission has a page on its web cite with how to information that makes it easy to report errors.  There is even a draft letter form to use sending the report.  Go here >>>>


3.  How, then do I clean up my credit report if it has errors?

One very good reason that this firm does not take on credit reporting error clean up is that the process is fairly simple and our clients are able to do it for themselves without incurring unnecessary expense. 

         Under the terms of the 1994 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (federal legislation) a credit reporting agency must eliminate any information about which it is advised by the individual to whom the report references, is in error unless the reporting agency is able to verify the accuracy of the information within thirty days from the reporting creditor.

      IN MOST CASES a simple letter to agency describing error results in the problem being taken off your report.

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