The Law Offices of Ken McCartney P.C.




Hourly fees range from $185 to $265, depending on the complexity of the particular problem. Institutional clients may, by special request, be allowed to pay upon routine billings.  Individual clients are generally expected to pay by retainer.  

This firm does not do creditor work in bankruptcy cases on a contingent basis.  Please expect our withdrawal in an hourly billing arrangement if payment falls behind while awaiting  or approaching settlement--that is contingent hourly legal service, and the least favorite of any attorney. 

Absent extensive and ongoing business with this firm, and because of the firm's bankruptcy profile depending on future business, creditor clients seeking representation in a particular case should be amicable to releasing the Firm, at the conclusion of a particular matter, to allow the representation of the general debtor population, who may owe the current client a debt which may be effected by a future bankruptcy.

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