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         Our society has generally treated those who seek bankruptcy relief as "failures."  Our society still holds a certain element of disdain for "bankrupts."  Most potential debtor clients are effected by these philosophies.  Sadness is a frequent emotion involved.

     If you need bankruptcy protection, you will be pleasantly surprised by the actual process.  Trustees and Courts treat debtors (they are no longer even called "bankrupts") with the utmost of dignity.  Congress set the stage for this with the 1979 Bankruptcy Reform Act by eliminating the negative name "bankrupt" inserting the nomenclature "debtor," and describing the process as "an economic tool of our time." The BAPCPA of 2005 continued the trend by requiring certain disclosures for "assisted persons" by "debt relief agencies."  these are available HERE.

Expect empathy from the attorneys and staff at this law firm.  BUT do not expect the Law Office Of Ken McCartney P.C. to feel sorry for its clients.  The law firm did not participate in bringing a client to the starting point of our representation, and from where debtor clients start, the outlook is UP!

The real tragedy in financial affairs is to fail once, and then not to become informed about alternatives in order to pick the best available remedy to fit the circumstances.  To dig a hole and then wallow in it, ad infinitum, rather than climbing out and qualifying for a fresh start, is to commit a second tragic mistake, compounding the first.

    Our society recognizes the remedial nature of bankruptcy.  With time, after a bankruptcy, credit can be re-established.  Most of the clients of the Law Office of Ken McCartney P.C. leave after receiving our service  better off than when they found us.

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