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Many of our clients come to us confused by very complicated financial problems. This can involve large dollars in debt, but may also involve smaller sums being delt with on smaller income.

It is hard to see the forest when presented with a wall of inpenatrible trees.

Often times an attorney that knows the rules of insovency as prescribed by state collection courts and the Federal Bankruptcy Court, can orginize the problem, set out potential courses of action and allow a les invormed Debtor to make the best choice from a list of alternatives. Our goal is to make this list and to encourage right choice making.

To make this happen, what is required is that counsel has to be presented with the whole complex situation. It is very important not to miss any signifcant issue. Many factors are outcome determintive when dealing with creditors. There are very good reasons we have developed a worksheet approach to helping clients.

If you would like our help, you can get that started by helping yourself by doing your best gathering information and completing the proper WORKSHEETS. We estimate enough information can be gathered in under two hours.

Then call for an appointment--we ptioritise appointments for clients with completed worksheets. 307 635-0555

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