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WELCOME  You have reached the home page of The Law Offices of Ken McCartney, P.C., a professional corporation engaged in the practice of insolvency law.  We represent creditors and debtors for whom we file bankruptcy cases under Chapter 7, 13, 11, and 12 in and around Cheyenne, Wyoming and Northern Colorado including Fort Collins, Greeley and surrounding areas.

Our Goal

Our objective is to provide high quality legal work for a broad spectrum of clients throughout Wyoming and Northern Colorado, with an emphasis on issues arising in creditor and debtor relationships.


With offices located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Fort Collins, Colorado and Eaton, Colorado, the firm represents debtors and creditors throughout Wyoming and Northern Colorado.

Legal counsel, Ken McCartney, has practiced law for 38 years, almost exclusively in the area of insolvency.  His firm has filed more Wyoming bankruptcy cases in that period of time than any other law firm.  

Insolvency is the firm's business, not a side line as is the case with general practitioners. *

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to look for the best financial solutions for anyone concerned about their troubled finances enough to prepare for the meeting. Preparation involves making simple lists of income, expenses, assets, and creditors as well as answers to fifteen questions that range incomplexity from "what is your name?", through "have you repaid your mom in the last year?" (Not a problem for you but it can be hard on mom). Our worksheets make this list making a comfortable task. The advantages of this process include gathering all the information necessary if preparing a bankruptcy filing is the direction things take, and counsel is much less likely to miss a key issue when presented with reasonably complete detail. CLICK HERE or the Getting Started botton above to prepare for your free appointment.

Office hours      SPECIAL WINTER HOURS 8:00 o'clock AM to 4:30 o'clock PM  M. through Th.

                          8 AM to NOON (12:00 PM) Fridays.

                          We take off all Bankruptcy Court (federal) holidays


      * Neither Colorado nor Wyoming Bar associations certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert.  Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability, and not rely upon advertisements or self proclaimed expertise.


This site is under constant construction. Your comments and criticisms are encouraged. 

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