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The American Bankruptcy Institute is a private organization whose members, attorneys and judges for the most part, are active in all aspects of bankruptcy.  The ABI Web Site contains current news, copies of pending legislation, recent legislation, schedules of upcoming seminars, and membership information.  It is a must for the bankruptcy practitioner.

The statutes of the State of Colorado are available by index, and with fairly good search engines, free of charge.  Since state law determines exempt property in bankruptcy cases, you may wish to log on and and go to the statute number  to view the exact language of the current exemptions. Colorado's exemptions are described on our web page for that purpose. COLO

Similar to Colorado, this state site is free and has the latest revisions in the state laws.  The bulk of Wyoming's exemptions are described  on our page for that purpose and can be tracked in the state law. WYO

When a Bankruptcy case is filed, written notices go to interested parties, but the bulk of the filing is not served.  It is, however, on file at the clerk's office where it is open to the public.  Just recently the court clerk's records have become accessible over the Internet.

Wyoming is a little ahead of Colorado here.  Most cases since 1997, including adversary proceedings, are available online and accessible with decent search engines.

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Unlike the paid services, which provide keynote and annotation resources, there are many sites that make it possible to access case law and statutes free of charge.  Here are a few:



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Here are some services useful to the practice of law.        


  •  is an informative cite posted in 2009, with lots of information for anyone seeking general information.




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