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Our law firm provides legal representation to debtors and creditors in the bankruptcy courts of the states of Wyoming and Colorado.  Occasionally this representation requires appearances in various state courts, but scheduling conflicts require  this be minimized.

Our clients phone calls are promptly handled or returned.  To maintain this availability, calls to the attorney are screened and clients are assisted by staff whenever practical without the direct practice of law. 

Potential new clients are offered an initial interview completely  without charge or obligation, unless they choose to retain the firm's services.  An exact fee for most services can be determined at this meeting.  In order for the initial interview to be productive, we ask prospective clients to bring lists of assets, creditors, and answers to questions that give rise to possible bankruptcy issues.  This makes it possible to focus the meeting on a client's actual concerns and not insolvency in general.  This same information is what is required if a bankruptcy petition is to be prepared.  Not all of our clients file bankruptcy but most know about it before our representation ends.  To obtain  a set of our worksheets  phone, snail mail,  or click here to E-mail a request  Worksheets.

Chapter 7

This is the simplest, least expensive, quickest and most certain way to obtain relief from creditor pressure. It is available to individuals, husband and wife teams, corporations, and partnerships.

The current court filing fee for C7's is $306, in addition to that, counsel charges attorney fees ranging from $900 to $2500 depending on the complexity of the debtor.  For more information about this process click here.  C7

Chapter 13

This is the form of relief that is favored by Congress.  By definition Chapter 13 must provide claimants at least what they would receive if a Chapter 7 were filed.  Debtors must be individuals or husbands and wives with regular income. Relief comes only after making payments, usually monthly for 36 months.  Most of our clients are able, however, to plan away a potential chapter 7 estate and choose to avoid the burden of monthly payments. In our practice area chapter 13's total less than 10% of the cases filed.    

    There are good reasons to use chapter 13.  For instance, chapter 13 makes possible catching up delinquent house or car payments over time rather than all at once as is sometimes demanded by a creditor.  This will stop foreclosures and repossessions.  Chapter 13 also has a broader discharge.  It will discharge claims that a Chapter 7 will not.  One of C13's more useful benefits and powerful tools is the ability to pay a secured creditor the value of its collateral in lieu of the amount owed on all but car loans less than 910 days old.  For more information about bankruptcy relief for individuals with regular income click here C13 

Chapter 11

In our service district only a few attorneys will undertake Chapter 11 representation.  The cases are intricate, expensive, difficult to get paid to do, and last for months if not years.  Our firm prides itself for its chapter 11 work.  We not only file them.  We get the cases confirmed and put a plan into effect.  You are interested in Chapter 11 if you have a struggling business, a substantial amount of property, or a corporation or partnership unable to withstand creditor pressure.  For more information about chapter 11 click here C11.

Workouts and Creditor Representation

Our firms familiarity with the bankruptcy court and debtor creditor situations makes it a powerful tool on behalf of a claimant when someone else files bankruptcy or to use dealing with creditors when a bankruptcy is not necessary to gain the best deals possible under the threat of bankruptcy.  For more information about retaining this firm for these purposes click here Workouts.