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Bankruptcy legal work is paper intensive.  Each debtor client can bring along dozens of creditor parties that may need attention.  This office currently operates at a two,  to one staff, to attorney ratio.



   Jill Whalen  Came to us in the Fall of 2008 from the office of the local chapter 7 trustee.  Her experience and overall competence have been a real bust to the over all product provided by the firm.  Jill is the mother of an 8 year old daughter and her husband is looking forward to retiring from the U.S. Air Force in about six years and training retrievers full time.

   The books and record at the Willow Pond Homeowners' Association are currently currently being handled by an old friend and bookkeeper for a number of years, Carrieann Vigil. Carrieann can be reached for law office or Willow Pond Homeowners' Association business at

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