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If you have come to this site at the invitation of the office staff to obtain our worksheets over the internet, this is the right page.  Clicking  on either of the boxes below will cause a download in just a few minutes.

WHILE YOU ARE HERE LOOK AROUND! This web site was written with you in mind.  It contains a wealth of information about troubled financial affairs. 

Personal  ( INDIVIDUAL  or  HUSBAND AND WIVES working for wages):

        Click here for the Microsoft Word version               Click here for the PDF version 

For best results if you choose to download in a word processor version set your page margins for at least one inch all around and the columns for numbers will be aligned when your results are printed

Sole Proprietor in Business (self employed):

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Corporations (Sub "S, & C"), Partnerships, LLC's:

          Click here for the Microsoft Word version                Click here for the PDF version


Farm and Ranch should use the business form for the appropriate entity.


The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 requires all individuals seeking bankruptcy protection to attend "schooling." You may do this before or after you see counsel.  If there is an exigency in your circumstance (e.g. a pending foreclosure or the like) you may want to get this out of the way as soon as possible. Click here for nuts and bolts information about Consumer Credit Counseling


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