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Wyoming Exemptions



The following list is a general description of available exemptions to a resident of the State of Wyoming from creditor's claims.  These same exemptions can be employed to remove property from a bankruptcy estate.  The exact statutory language that creates these rights may be critical.  To see the statutes, go to our resource page and follow through to the citation.

Wyo. Const. 19 9, Wyo. Stat. 1-20-101, 102, 103, 104  Homestead: $10,000 per occupant
Wyo. Const. 19 9, Wyo. Stat. 1-20-101, 102, 103, 104, Mobile Home $6,000
Wyo.Stat. 1-15-511, 1-17-411 Wages: 75% or 30 X Federal Minimum Wage
Wyo.Stat. 1-20-1-5 Wearing apparel, not incl. jewelry except wedding ring $1,000-2,000
Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(a)(i) Family Bible, pictures and school books

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(a)(ii) Lot in cemetery or burial ground

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(a)(i) Family Bible, pictures and school books

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(a)(iii) Furniture, bedding, provisions, other household articles $2,000-$4,000

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(a)(iv) Motor vehicle $2,400-$4,800

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-106(b) Tools of trade or professional library $2,000-$4,000

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-110(a)(i) Interest in retirement plan, pension or annuity

Wyo.Stat. 1-20-110(a)(ii) Qualified retirement or annuity fund of self-employed person

Wyo.Stat. 1-40-113 Crime Victim's compensation

Wyo.Stat. 7-16-308, 7-13-724 Earnings of inmate-Penitentiary Work Release Act

Wyo.Stat. 9-3-426, 9-3-526 Retirement benefits of state employees and teachers

Wyo.Stat. 9-3-620, 31-3-120 Retirement benefits of state highway patrol, warden, criminal investigator

Wyo.Stat. 12-4-604 Liquor license

Wyo.Stat. 15-5-209, 15-5-422 Retirement benefits of firemen's pensions and death benefits

Wyo.Stat. 17-13-502 Specific partnership property

Wyo.Stat. 19-2-501 Monies from military duties under orders of gov't-Wyoming Nat. Guard

Wyo.Stat. 26-15-129, 26-15-133 Life insurance proceeds

Wyo.Stat. 26-15-130 Disability insurance proceeds

Wyo.Stat. 26-15-131 Group insurance proceeds

Wyo.Stat. 26-15-132 Annuity contract proceeds: $350/month

Wyo.Stat. 26-29-218, 26-29-116 Benefits from fraternal benefit societies

Wyo.Stat. 26-32-102 Prepaid or prearranged funeral contracts

Wyo.Stat. 27-3-319 Unemployment compensation

Wyo.Stat. 27-14-702 Worker's compensation benefits

Wyo.Stat. 32-1-106 Seal of notary public

Wyo.Stat. 35-8-104 Cemetery property

Wyo.Stat. 42-2-113 Public assistance

11 USC 522(b)(2)(B) Tenancies by the Entirety certain circumstances

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